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Faust Act III


  1. FAUST ACT III. The famous third act. The third act is the most important act of this opera. It usually lasts about an hour and is a sequence of magnificent images. Synopsis: Siebel is in the garden near Marguerite’s house. He is in love with her and wants to pick flowers. But hardly in the hand they wither.
  2. Part I: Prelude On Stage (Director, Dramatist, Comedian) Director You two, who’ve often stood by me, In times of need, when trouble’s breaking, Say what success our undertaking
  3. 18 hours ago · Gounod*, Victoria De Los Angeles, Nicolai Gedda, Boris Christoff, André Cluytens, Orchestra And Chorus Of The Théâtre National De L'opéra* ‎– Faust Label: Capitol Records ‎– GDR
  4. Act III Scene II: The Inner Court of The Castle (Surrounded with richly ornamented buildings of the Middle Ages.)The Leader of the Chorus Hasty and foolish, and typical of womankind!. They hang on the moment, sport of every breeze, Of every chance and mischance, never knowing.
  5. Listen to Faust: Act II: Introduction by Roberto Amaral with YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, Vimeo & SoundCloud. Stream more from Roberto Amaral and connect with fans to discover new music.
  6. Méphistophélès is joined by Faust; when Marguerite appears she rejects Faust’s attentions. Act III. Siébel leaves a bouquet of flowers for Marguerite. Next, Faust extols the virtues of Marguerite’s home while Méphistophélès also finds something to leave her: a box full of jewels. Marguerite appears, lost in thought, but is overcome.
  7. Scene III: The Palace (Spacious pleasure-gardens: a broad straight canal. Faust in extreme old age, walking about, thoughtfully.) Lynceus, the Warder (Through a speaking trumpet.) The sun is fading, the last boats Sail swiftly to the harbour here. One large vessel gently floats, Down the canal: and draws near. The bright flags flutter.
  8. Faust - Faust - Act II: Marguerite’s garden. (This is sometimes Act III.) Siébel is picking flowers for Marguerite (“Faites-lui mes aveux”), but, true to Méphistophélès’s prediction, they all fade in his hands. Happily, however, when he dips his hand in a nearby font of holy water, the flowers he picks remain fresh, and he exhorts them to express his love to Marguerite.
  9. Listen to Faust (Sung in Russian): Act III: Que voulez-vous, messieurs? by Ivan Kozlovsky with YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, Vimeo & SoundCloud. Stream more from Ivan Kozlovsky and connect with fans to discover new music.

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