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  1. English Translation of “fin” | The official Collins French-English Dictionary online. Over , English translations of French words and phrases.
  2. noun a membranous, winglike or paddlelike organ attached to any of various parts of the body of fishes and certain other aquatic animals, used for propulsion, steering, or balancing.
  3. Jun 10,  · A thin, rigid component of an aircraft, extending from the fuselage and used to stabilise and steer the aircraft. The fin stabilises the plane in flight. A similar structure on the tail of a bomb, used to help keep it on course.
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  5. Fine definition, of superior or best quality; of high or highest grade: fine wine. See more.
  6. Welcome to fin - your fishmonger ®, the Capital Region's first and only all-sustainable, fresh seafood market and casual seafood restaurant/raw bar in Guilderland, NY. Our focus remains on procuring the highest quality fresh seafood we can find.
  7. Fin definition is - an external membranous process of an aquatic animal (such as a fish) used in propelling or guiding the body. How to use fin in a sentence.
  8. Félagið hefur gengið frá kjarasamningi við Reykjavíkurborg og mun kynning fara fram á samningnum á þriðjudag í næstu viku. Atkvæðagreiðslu þarf að ljúka eigi síðar en 3. júlí nk.

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