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  1. promiscuity definition: Promiscuity is defined as a lack of discrimination when it comes to sexuality or having casual sex. (noun) Having sexual relations with five different women in one week is an example of promiscuity.
  2. Mar 03,  · According to the dictionary, promiscuity is defined as, "having lots of different sexual partners or sexual relationships, or sexual habits involving a lot of different partners." Basically, it's.
  3. Promiscuous definition is - having or involving many sexual partners: not restricted to one sexual partner or few sexual partners. How to use promiscuous in a sentence. The Multiple Meanings of promiscuous.
  4. Enzyme promiscuity is the ability of an enzyme to catalyse a fortuitous side reaction in addition to its main reaction. Although enzymes are remarkably specific catalysts, they can often perform side reactions in addition to their main, native catalytic activity.
  5. Promiscuity is formally defined, according to Webster, as including not only frequent but "indiscriminate" sexual behavior. Preference for frequent sexual contacts is not necessarily the same as.
  6. Men and women are programmed for promiscuity. But we differ in our desires. Paradoxically, both men and women are also programmed to mate for life. Both can choose short-term or long-term sex.
  7. PROMISCUITY Meaning: "indiscriminate mixture," from French promiscuité (), from Latin promiscuus "mixed" (see See definitions of promiscuity.
  8. Abstract. The immune system is capable of making antibodies against anything that is foreign, yet it does not react against components of self. In that sense, a fundamental requirement of the body's immune defense is specificity. Remarkably, this ability to specifically attack foreign antigens is directed even against antigens that have not been encountered a priori by the immune system. The.
  9. Promiscuity definition is - promiscuous sexual behavior. Recent Examples on the Web And other unworthy characters whose gambling and debts and promiscuity bring down those around them. — Tim Parks, The New York Review of Books, "A Novel Way to Think About Literary Categories," Its backers say that will fight pedophilia and discourage early promiscuity.

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